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1/87, 10204, 1100, 1500, 16070, 187, 221620, 44, 5600, 62, 62n, 66675, 66781, 84, 87, alco, ayala, ayala botto, botto, by, caminhos ferro portugueses, catenaria, chemins fer portugais, class, classe, comsa, cp, de, dgs, dgs-62n, dinamica, dinamico, echelle, ekklos, elctrica, escala, escavadora, estabilizador, estabilizadora, excavator, fergrupo, ferroviario, gabs, gauge, ge, giratoria, grua, h0, inspecao, inspeccao, inspeco, kbkks, kibri, kls, liderbh, liebher, liliput, locomotiva, locotractor, manutencao, mehano, model, model railways, model trains, modelisme ferroviaire, modelismo, modelismo ferroviario, mounted, n, or, para, plasser, portuguese railways, rail, rail-route, refer, reparao, road, roco, route, scale, serie, siemens, stabiliser, theurer, tipo, ton, track, train miniature, trains, type, u, us, vagao, vago, via, volvo, wagon

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