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1/700, 1700, 23, albans, anti-submarine warfare, argyll, ayala, ayala botto, botto, class, duge, duke, duke class frigate, dutherland, ensign, f-228, f-230, f-231, f-232, f-233, f-234, f-235, f-236, f-237, f-238, f-239, f-78, f-79, f-80, f-81, f-82, f-83, f228, f230, f231, f232, f233, f234, f235, f236, f237, f238, f239, f78, f79, f80, f81, f82, f83, frigate, graffon, hms, hms argyll, hms grafton, hms iron duke, hms kent, hms lancaster, hms marlborough, hms monmouth, hms montrose, hms norfolk, hms northumberland, hms portland, hms richmond, hms somerset, hms st albans, hms sutherland, hms westmenster, horfolk, horthumberland, iron, kent, kingdom, lancaster, marlborough, model, model ships, model warships, modelisme naval, modelismo naval, models, modelwarships, modern, modern warships, monmouth, montrose, navy, portland, richmond, royal, royal navy, scale, scale model warships, ship, ship models, ships, somert, st, type, type 23, united, united kingdom, warships, wem, westminster, white

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