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150, accolade, ace, adb, adriatico, alabang, alvior, amaryllis, and, andrea, anuva, arista, arya, aspire, asya, at, aurora, avant, avenue, avida, azure, baypark, bayview, beaufort, belton, berkeley, birch, blue, blvd, boulevard, breza, by, capital, capri, castilla, cedar, celadon, cherry, circulo, city, condo, condominium, crest, currency, cypress, east, eastwood, edsa, eighty, el, emerald, enclaves, escalades, espana, eton, exchage, executive, field, flora, forbeswood, fort, four, garden, gardens, goldland, grand, grass, green, grove, hampton, heights, homes, house, ii, illumina, insula, juan, la, lakefront, las, lazaro, levels, lofts, lot, magnolia, malate, manhattan, manila, manors, mansion, marfori, maui, mezza, mid-rise, morgan, muntinlupa, my, near, new, newport, north, nuvo, oak, oasis, ohana, one, orchard, ortigas, paranaque, park, parklane, parkview, pasig, pearl, peninsula, pinas, pine, place, porto, princeton, private, pueblo, quezon, raya, red, redwoods, regency, residences, residential, resort, rivercity, riverview, riviera, rochester, rockwell, san, sea, season, serendra, shell, siena, sofia, sonata, sorento, sorrel, south, station, suites, sun, suntrust, symphony, taguig, the, tower, towers, townhouse, treasure, tribeca, two, urban, venice, verde, victoria, vie, vimana, vista, vita, west, westria, will, zinnia

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