These instructions will help you to install 'ImageShack on your Site' into the reply and post-new-thread sections of your Simple Machine Forum, thus giving your visitors the ability to upload images directly. After upload, they may paste the images directly into their post box.

The file that you will be working with are located in the following directory:


If you are using different template (not default), please go to the directory associated with THAT different template.

Some templates do not have a Post.template.php file. Also, make sure to backup your files before doing any modifications to them.

  1. Open Post.template.php . You can do this by using ftp to download the file Post.template.php , and then uploading it back once you are finished editing it.
  2. search for the following instance:

  3. copy the following code:

  4. Paste the code DIRECTLY AFTER the code that you searched for.
  5. Save your changes. Login to your forum. Either click "Post New Thread" or reply to an existing thread in order to test out your new Image Hosting Service!